Johnny Vegas stars in this darkly brilliant comedy about loss, failure, alcoholism, loathing, desperation, loneliness and other humorous subjects.By Johnny Vegas , Tony Burgess and Tony Pitts.

1: Johnny Vegas stars in the first of a five-part dark comedy series. Johnny is a failed Butlins redcoat who is forced to return to his home town to work as a night-class pottery tutor.
2: The night-class students embark on their first pottery assignment with varying degrees of failure, though none can match the horrors of Rebecca’s perverse and highly individual creation.
3: Anne suffers the loss of her beloved dog under her son’s taxi and decides to cremate him (the dog, that is). The kiln is then put to an unconventional use, under the sympathetic guidance of pottery teacher Johnny. But some of the class need a little persuasion.
4: Johnny and his charges leave the confines of the night school for a class outing to a sculpture park. But alcohol and a Ford Transit van containing eight losers are not the happiest of bedfellows.
5: The examiner is due to pass judgement on the class’s unorthodox ceramic offerings and they are shocked by their results. Meanwhile, in a surprise revelation by the principal, the real reason for
Johnny’s extended leave from Butlins is revealed.

Music by Paul Heaton , performed and arranged by Paul Heaton and Tony Robinson Director Dirk Maggs