Victoria Coren Mitchell meets some fascinating women to explore the journeys they have made in the cars that they have known – and the sorts of things they shout in traffic.

Hear what Dawn wrote on the back of her first car, find out which comedian totalled her beloved Cortina and discover the advantages of the refrigerated glove compartment. Sarah Millican describes a traffic jam that led to some desperate measures, Sheila Hancock explains how the trick of getting older is actually to speed up and Jo Brand recounts how her car became an impromptu counselling couch for comedians (and when you shouldn’t risk a roadside wee).

Plus you can find out what no driving test examiner should ever say to a successful candidate.

With guests including Dawn French, Germaine Greer, Sarah Millican, Olivia Colman, Sheila Hancock, Jo Brand, Esther Rantzen and Claudia Winkleman.