A collection of eight full cast dramas from BBC Radio, spanning the period from the first World War to the present, which explore the hardship, trials and costs resulting from human conflict.

The Ice Cream War – 1914: as millions prepare for slaughter on the Western Front, a ridiculous array of British and German colonists in East Africa try to emulate their European counterparts and begin to choose sides.

Journey’s End – On the British front line at St Quentin, in 1918, a young military officer, fresh from school, finds himself facing the realities of war, and the tension and strain of life in the trenches.

A Fragile Peace – It’s 10 November 1919 and Folkestone is preparing for the first Remembrance Day, and contemplating a new post-war world.

The Snow Goose – A wounded bird brings together a disfigured artist and a young girl and helps in a courageous act of bravery in the Second World War.

Back Home – Rusty returns home to Britain after being evacuated to the United States during the Second World War. But she’s reunited with a mother she doesn’t recognise.

Fighting Over Beverley – A Yorkshire man belatedly flies to America 45 years on to reclaim the war bride taken from him by an American war hero.

The War After The War – Layla came back to the UK three months ago, missing a leg, her army career seemingly over, and her young life in tatters. Layla still needs physiotherapy and support, so she can’t travel to India to be with her parents. Instead, Layla’s come to stay with her grandfather Bernard, behind his bookshop. The last time he saw Layla was at Elsie’s funeral, four years ago. She was 15 and he barely knew her.

Shrapnel – Having escaped from a war-torn city, reporter Nadine assumes that she can handle anything. But in reality her mind remains trapped and under siege.