Two full-cast fantasy dramas.


Two children on holiday in the North of England encounter perilous magical forces.

The story, set in and around Macclesfield and Alderley Edge in Cheshire, tells the story of Colin and Susan, who are staying with some old friends of their mother while their parents are overseas.

Susan possesses a small tear-shaped jewel held in a bracelet: unknown to her, this is the weirdstone of the title. Its nature is revealed when the children are hunted by the minions of the dark spirit Nastrond who, centuries before, had been defeated and banished by a powerful king.

The children also have to compete with the wicked shape-shifting sorceress Selina Place and the evil wizard Grimnir, each of whom wishes to possess the weirdstone. Along the way Colin and Susan are aided by the wizard Cadellin Silverbrow and his dwarf companions.


Colin and Susan return to the site of their adventure at Alderley Edge, and the strangeness begins again.

Susan had been previously been gifted a magical golden bracelet whose powers are now called upon.

So, it’s back to Fundindelve and a reunion with the wizard Cadellan…

Alan Garner’s sequel to ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen – a weird and marvellously evocative tale of Celtic mysteries, elves, spirits and strange presences….