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Sketches from the award-winning radio comedy show written and presented by Nick Revell and Andy Hamilton. They include the sketch in which pirates confront their leader with a demand for management training in a smart country hotel, with coffee and biscuits.

The Million Pound Radio Show was a long-running radio programme written by and featuring Nick Revell and Andy Hamilton that aired on Britain’s BBC Radio 4. A series of sketches, interspersed with dialogue between the two, the show ran for at least six series between 1985 and 1992 with associated Christmas specials, along with a World Cup special in 1990 and a Millennium special broadcast in 1996 (“We reckon that by the time the year 2000 arrives the mere mention of the word ‘millennium’ will be enough to send people into life-threatening comas”). Regular Andy Hamilton players such as Felicity Montagu also turned up and Harry Enfield appeared in some programmes.

The show became popular in the UK through a sketch involving Pirates requiring better employment conditions (“We wants a training day!” “Aye! And a creche!”) being repeatedly played on BBC Radio 1; the only cassette release of the series capitalised on this and had “Includes the famous pirate sketch!” emblazoned on the cover.