Jake Yapp applies his satirical eye to the modern media, exploring its strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies through stand-up, sketch and music.

Jake Yapp Saves Humanity In 28 Minutes – Jake turns his attention to the pernicious evil of TV advertisements, breaking down the five main formats used to peddle us products.

Daytime TV – Jake turns his focus to the Daytime TV schedule. Exploring its most common tropes and iterations while attempting to explain why he finds so much of it unwatchable.

Speech Radio РJake uses the medium of speech radio to satirise… Speech Radio. Exploring its most exhausting iterations and tropes.

Columnists – Jake turns his focus to the columns, exploring their progression, value and most common tricks and tropes.

Social Media – Jake turns his focus to Social Media and makes an argument as to why you should delete your accounts and through your laptops out of the window.