The hilarious comedy sci-fi series set in the 22nd century, written by Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst and directed by Sally Avens. Captain Gordon Taylor hits trouble over a failing call centre and scientist Clive 55 reconstructs a dead space pirate – who before long is running the ship. In addition, the crew must deal with a group of space tourists and a mystery virus which makes them age at an alarming rate – and they are brought face-to-face with reality when they reach the end of the universe.

Both series of Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst’s science-fiction comedy.

Series One was first broadcast on BBC7 in June 2005 and Series Two was first broadcast in Febuary 2008.

Both series were directed by Sally Avens.

“In the year 2104, a fleet of research cruisers were launched into space. Their mission… to seek out new life. With every moment on board preserved by wall-to-wall monitoring, and transmitted over time back to earth…we have been allowed unique access to one of these ships – the Really Invincible III, Macclesfield Division. What you are about to hear took place live, four years ago, seventy thousand light years from home…”

Starring James Fleet as Captain Gordon Taylor, the most indecisive leader in the solar system. Also starring Paul Barnhill and Neil Warhurst.


1) Lost – An Alien Princess proves to be problematic for the crew.

2) Indestructible – Ship’s doctor Clive 55 comes face to face with his identical cloned twin brother, Clive 88.

3) Monster – What are the strange noises coming from the hold? Karen is shocked when the crew investigate.

4) Dirty – Destruction aboard the ship when Clive 55’s thirst for scientific experiment goes wrong.

5) Enemies – The crew at last make contact with another race but not before a minor rebellion on board.


1) Hole – The Crew return for the Black Hole and the Really Invincible 3 is upgraded to the Really Invincible 3.2.8

2) Manhood – Scientist Clive 55 reconstructs a dead space pirate and before long he’s running the ship.

3) Rude – The crew have some space tourists on board, but it turns into a holiday from hell.

4) Sick – The crew contract a mystery virus which makes them age at an alarming rate.

5) The End – The crew find themselves at the end of the universe.