All 12 episodes featuring the comic goings-on of the Stockport-based Conroy family

Get ready to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world of family life, Stockport-style, as 15-year-old Jason introduces us to the Conroy clan. There’s dad Eddie, cabby and wannabe champion organist; mum Maureen, who’s easygoing but wasn’t born yesterday; older brother Michael, lead singer of The Sweater Girls; and sisters Colette (married to uptight bank clerk Dave) and Karen (newly returned from uni with a Sloane Ranger boyfriend).

In Series 1, Italian exchange Gian-Paolo arrives – and soon makes his presence unwelcome; Eddie scores tickets to Stockport County’s biggest ever match and Dave proudly brings home his new Ford Focus (but will he ever take the protective covers off the seats?) And in Series 2, the Conroys become the subject of an academic study; meet their rich new neighbours; and welcome a visitor bringing extra branches to their family tree. Meanwhile, Jason and Michael stake their claim in cyberspace and The Sweater Girls look set for their big break – just as Eddie leaves homeā€¦

Written by Murder on the Blackpool Express producer Jim Poyser, and author and actor Damian Lanigan, this light, entertaining sitcom – set in the real-life Stockport suburb of Edgeley – has a well-established sense of place and pitch-perfect local dialect. It stars Dominic Monaghan and Andrew Knott as Jason, with Jason Done as Michael, Beverly Callard as Maureen, and John McArdle and John Henshaw as Eddie. Special guests include sports commentator Alan Green and DJs Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley.