A comedy sketch show set in the world of a call centre called Smile5, a company that sells anything and everything.

Smile5 is a mail order catalogue company selling everything from Rolex watches to lawnmowers, from financial products to phone and broadband, from holidays to health insurance. And somewhere in a brown-field wasteland miles from the nearest town, it runs one of the largest call centres operating in the UK. This is the world of The Headset Set.

In the first series, a new phone system is causing chaos at Smile5; everyone falls ill in the office; it is appraisal day and only Sailesh has prepared, and the Headset Set receive the news that their colleague Dan has died. Meanwhile, Ralph the trainer has a new trainee in Philip the artist.

In the second series, join the team when a new Guy called Scott starts work at Smile5. Other sketches include a man calling to complain about a faulty bowl, anger over missing lunches, massive holes in the middle of the office, dogs, and conflict over the installation of a thermostat.

Starring Chizzy Akudolu, Margaret-Cabourn Smith, Colin Hoult, Paul Sharma and Philip Fox.