1. UFOs – Sheffield’s premier singer-songwriter investigates UFOs, with the help of agent Ken Worthington and special guest Patrick Mower.
  2. Ghosts – Spooky happenings hamper John’s investigation this week, as he delves into the world of ghosts. He can’t afford a night at a haunted hotel, but does garner some expert advice from his telephone guest, Yvette Fielding.
  3. Vampires – John goes in search of the blood-suckers of Whitby, with Fame Academy’s Alistair Griffin.
  4. Fairies – During a visit to his pond, Ken is delighted to discover fairies frolicking in the sky. But John struggles to keep an open mind.
  5. The Bermuda Triangle – John’s final investigation finds him looking into the Bermuda Triangle. Let’s hope that he and Ken don’t disappear!