1685. Micah Clarke and his friend are drawn into a conflict that is to tear the country apart. Stars Martyn Read.

Ep1 – The Messenger from the Lowlands – In 1685 England is once again threatened by Civil War as rumours fly that the Protestant Duke of Monmouth will land any day and try by whatever means possible to usurp the throne of his Catholic uncle, James II. Innocent of these turbulent times, young Micah Clarke and his friend, Reuben, go fishing off Spithead and find themselves drawn into the very centre of a conflict that is to tear the country apart.

Ep2 – The Perilous Journey – Following a dramatic encounter with Colonel Decimus Saxon, Micah and Reuben are drawn into the Civil War between the Protestant usurper the Duke of Monmouth and the Catholic King James II. – They must set off on the dangerous journey to join the Duke and his forces at Taunton.

Ep3 – King Monmouth – Having set off on the dangerous ride to Taunton to join Monmouth’s rebel forces, Micah and his friend Reuben have had many extraordinary encounters. – First with Sir Jacob Clancing who sends an enigmatic and ominous message to the Duke; then with the deceptively foppish Sir Gervas who joins their cause; and then with Mayor Timewell whose pretty daughter catches Reuben’s eye. Finally they come face to face with the great Monmouth himself.

Ep4 – The Battle for the Crown – Micah twice narrowly escaped death. – Firstly at the hands of smugglers on his ride to Badminton to enlist the Duke of Beaufort to Monmouth’s cause; and secondly at the hands of the choleric Duke himself! – But by strange circumstances, he found himself freed to rejoin the Duke’s army and march on the cathedral city of Wells – with a heart heavy with foreboding.

Ep5 – The End of it All – Thanks to the treachery of their guide and the eventual flight of their leader, the Duke of Monmouth’s forces were routed at Sedgemoor. – Sir Gervas slain, Reuben wounded and captive, Micah left the field and turned his horse’s head away from the west.

Starring Martyn Read, Patrick Troughton and James Bryce.