1. Village of the White Scorpion – What will Elizabeth Warwick discover, about her famous archaeologist father, in Egypt?
  2. Into the Darkness – Will Elizabeth be able to find out more about the tomb her father discovered in Egypt?
  3. Strangers in a Cafe – The danger mounts as Elizabeth explores the final tomb her father discovered in Egypt
  4. The Hunter – Inspector Mahmoud is increasingly concerned for the safety of Elizabeth Warwick
  5. A Face in the Crowd – Elizabeth has disappeared. Will Inspector Mahmoud and Mr Wilder be able to find her?
  6. At the Point of a Triangle – Will Elizabeth Warwick be able to escape a kidnapper?
  7. When the Dervish Begins to Dance – Elizabeth Warwick and Inspector Mahmoud make an unexpected discovery in the tomb.
    8: The Call of the Muezzin – Elizbeth has been kidnapped. Can Inspector Mahmoud find her before it is too late?