Peter Ling’s drama about the narcotics trade in ’60s Swinging London. A French language student finds himself embroiled with a ruthless drug dealer.

  1. Felix Bontemps Must Die – It’s the late ‘60s. A French student on-the-run in England has to take drastic measures.
  2. Wanted by the Police – Hoping to make amends for his crime, Nico plans a dangerous liaison in London.
  3. The Storm Centre – Nico’s plans fall apart and the name ‘Buller’ looms at every turn.
  4. Dressed to Kill – Buller and his contacts seem omnipresent but Nico’s allies remain undaunted.
  5. Ring After Nine – Things turn serious, with Vince close to death and now Karen’s life under threat.
  6. Crisis Situation – The real identity of the sinister drug dealer ‘Buller’ is finally revealed.

Starring David Valla.

A thriller serial for radio in six parts by Peter Ling.