A family run a hotel at the edge of the water. But the food is running out and the water keeps rising.

When there is no place but the water, where do you go?

A drama series set in a future flooded world. Written by Linda Marshall Griffiths.

‘No Place but the Water’ is a speculative drama series that explores what the world might look like after the Western Antarctic melts and also asks questions about how we offer hospitality to refugees, how we live closer to the planet when we are forced to and what exactly becomes vital when very little remains. It captures a magical-realist world that is also filled with ghosts. There is a sense of danger, not only of the rising water but also that some terrible act has already happened on the island before their arrival. The hotel itself is a character, sometimes offering its secrets but also stalking the family with its sighs and bells, secret places and shadows of what happened in the past. Ultimately the family discover that the hotel and the forest beyond it, hold the hope of a new kind of life.