Voices From The Grave is a series of four chilling and intimate dramas, inspired by existing ghost stories from around Britain. The writers make these stories more than simply scary – they are studies of humanity, love, rage and despair, of passion, longing and pain. Producer: Gemma Jenkins

Episodes include:

2006-03-07 50 Berkeley Square

The most haunted house in Victorian London is set to give up its dark secret. 100 years back in time, Molly discovers that passion never dies. Dylan Ritson’s horror stars Harry Myers as Robert, Sophie Roberts as Molly and John Cummins as Angel. Writer Dylan Ritson has a long and successful career in theatre, film and radio. His radio work includes The Dream-Workings and Brain-Sayings of James Tilly Matthews and The Hunting of the Snark.

Producer: Gemma Jenkins

2006-03-08 Middlewitch

Midsummer. A remote village in North Wales has been living under a curse since 1823. Will the arrival of a new Methodist Minister offer them salvation? Lucy Catherine’s horror stars Elizabeth Morgan as Modren, Christian Patterson as Bryhs, Jenny Livesy as Jenny, Sion Pritchard as Drew and Myfanwy Waring as Rhiannon.

Producer: Gemma Jenkins

2006-03-09 The Lie

Lisa gives up everything for her lover – and wanders a disused Victorian psychiatric hospital. Series of four chilling and intimate dramas inspired by existing ghost stories from around Britain. Lynn Ferguson’s horror stars Leslie Ash as Angela, Ian Dunn as Colin, Leslie Ash as Angela, Janet Brown as Martha/Lisa’s Mother, Geoffrey Beevers as the Caretaker and Lynn Ferguson as Lisa.

Producers: Luke Fresle/Gemma Jenkins

2006-03-10 The Parson

Back from missionary work abroad, Reverend Martin Stokes stumbles into a nightmare of biblical proportions abroad. David Varela’s horror stars Mark Bazeley as Rev. Martin Stokes, Lynne Verrall as Mrs Cameron, Geoffrey Beevers as Bishop Millcock, Wayne Foskett as Randall, Stephen Hogan as Sid and Gerard McDermott as Joseph.

Producer: Luke Fresle