Lucy Worsley investigates the crimes of Victorian women from a contemporary, feminist perspective.

Lucy Worsley and Dr Rosalind Crone investigate and re-examine Britain’s most notorious serial killers, including Amelia Dyer who’s thought to have killed hundreds of babies and children and Mary Ann Cotton who murdered three of her husbands and numerous children and step-children. Over in the United States they look at Hannah Mary Tabbs, who killed her lover and back in London delve into the sad case of Esther Lack, the mother who murdered three of her own children.

Lucy and Ros dig deep into the social issues and circumstances that helped create these murderesses. They look back at an era when newspapers were booming and examine the part the press played in shaping the stories of these women and how they were presented to a scandal hungry public. With that in mind they chat through new discoveries now sweeping through society in terms of toxicology and new understandings around mental health. Finally they ask, what has changed today that could have made a difference?