John Taylor has written and created six new tales that were inspired by the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Simon Callow stars as Sherlock Holmes and Nicky Henson as Dr. Watson in these fresh stories that were originally heard on BBC Radio. “The Wandering Corpse”: the professor claimed he could resurrect the dead. Now he is dead and his body is missing. “The Horror in Hanging Wood”: who – or what – could have made such a ferocious attack on the man in the wood? “The Paddington Witch”: Garth Ransome says his dead brother had been witched. After all, his body was cooked like meat and black as coal. Will Holmes believe that a witch on a broomstick killed him? “The Phantom Organ”: on the night that Hugh Hembury was killed, the church was empty. But the organ still played. “The Devil’s Tunnel”: a young woman disappears from a speeding train. Why is there no trace of her body? “The Battersea Worm”: when Angel Holland is murdered, Dr. Watson becomes a suspect himself. ‘‚ĶReplete with impressive sound effects, tension-building music and a lively supporting cast’ – “FT Magazine”. ‘This affectionate and repectful not-quite pastiche should delight rather than outrage fans’ – “Sunday Times Culture Magazine”.