Set in an exciting world of criminal masterminds, espionage and adventure, the adventures of special agent Dick Barton and his friends Jock and Snowey were essential listening for an entire generation.

Originally running on the BBC Light Programme between 1946 and 1951, few of the BBC’s original recordings still survive. However, in 1949 a number of early Barton tales were rerecorded for transmission overseas starring Douglas Kelly. This collection contains 12 of the most recognisable dramas as well as live performances, a profile of the character and interviews with the stars.

Episodes include:

The Affair of the Black Panther
The Cabotolin Diamonds
The Case of Conrad Ruda
The Firefly Adventure
The Lily Chang Adventure
The Paris Adventure
The Tibetan Adventure
The Vulture
The Smash and Grab Raiders
The collection also includes:

‘Dick Barton, Special Agent’: the first episode broadcast in 1972, read by Nol Johnson.
Dick Barton Live: a 2013, one-off show from Leicester’s Y Theatre using period equipment and scripts from 1951. The resulting adventure stars Tim Bentinck as Dick with Terry Molloy as his faithful companion Snowy White.