Ian Holm Cuthbert was an English actor who was knighted in 1998 for his contributions to theatre and film. Beginning his career on the British stage as a standout member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he later transitioned into a successful and prolific radio, TV and screen career. He portrayed a variety of both supporting and leading characters, earning critical acclaim and many accolades in the process.

Collected here are fourteen BBC Radio dramas featuring Ian Holm:

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The arrival in Cloisterham of Neville and Helena Landless, twins from Ceylon, sets in motion a chain of events which leads to murder. Dramatised in 5 episodes:

  1. Orphans
  2. A Disappearance
  3. An Arrival
  4. A Performance
  5. Redress

The Quiet American
It’s Saigon in the early 50s. A burnt-out British journalist has fallen in love with a local girl but the arrival of an apparently innocent economic attache disrupts both their relationship and the teetering balance of power.

The Lost Boys
Barrie’s biographer Andrew Birkin tells the haunting story of Barrie’s relationship with the five Llewelyn-Davies boys, Barrie’s adopted sons and the inspiration behind “Peter Pan”. He reveals how his own experience, over a 30-year association with the author, has thrown up tragic parallels.

What Happened with St George
A man and a woman look at a statue of St George and the dragon in a Swedish cathedral. She’s heard the myth. But what was the reality? The man knows – and tells. A revelation……

In postwar Germany, Langley, a young English officer, has been posted to organise the coal industry in a remote area.
Before the war Erdmann, who is in charge of the mine, was a distinguished scientist. It becomes apparent that Langley’s mission is actually more to do with Erdmann’s past than his present.

Bartleby the Scrivener
A man employed as a copyist in a firm of lawyers starts behaving strangely. It begins with him announcing there are aspects of his work he’d ‘prefer’ not to do – although he’s excellent at the actual work. But then the list of things he’d rather avoid doing becomes more sinister…

‘I know the English are good at concealing their feelings, but you can’t really be so cold-blooded about your wife’s death as you seem. Can you, sir?’ However, no-one did care very much about Julia’s death…

Beth sits in an armchair to the left of the table, and Duff in a chair at the opposite end. Duff refers normally to Beth but does not appear to hear her voice and Beth never looks at Duff and does not appear to hear his voice.

The Wood Demon
A luncheon party gathers to celebrate a wealthy unmarried man’s birthday; his sister hopes he’ll marry Sonya, the daughter of a selfish gout-ridden old professor who makes life hell for his son George and his young wife, Helen. At the luncheon is Khrushchov, a passionate environmentalist, called “the Wood Demon” by all, who’s in love with Sonya and she with him, but neither will admit it.
Two weeks later there’s a family meeting at the professor’s estate; two weeks after that, a supper at the cabin of Dyadin, who’s cheerful to all. George, Helen, Sonya, and Khrushchov are each suffocating. Can any of them take action?

Uncle Vanya
When Vanya’s brother-in-law declares his intention to sell the family’s house, polite facades begin to crumble and long repressed feelings start to emerge with devastating consequences.

The Deep Blue Sea
It is post-war Britain and Hester Collyer has left her husband, an eminent judge, to be with Freddy, an ex-RAF pilot with no prospects. The passion she feels for this younger man is not returned by him, and the play opens as Hester, in a state of despair, has attempted suicide.

The Homecoming
In a dreary North London flat, the site of perpetual psychological warfare, a philosophy professor visits his family after a nine-year absence, and introduces the four men, father, uncle, and two brothers, to his wife.

The Browning Version
Teacher Andrew Crocker-Harris is on the verge of retirement – and a divorce. But he has a shot at trying to redeem his dignity when a young schoolboy gives him an unexpected parting gift…

Moonlight on the Highway
David Peters is visited in his run-down bedsit by Marie, a researcher for Severn Television, who is collecting material for a documentary about the singer Al Bowlly. David is the editor of the Al Bowlly Appreciation Society fanzine and Marie hopes to secure him as the programme advisor. David is enthusiastic about the offer but has other things on his mind; he has an appointment with an NHS psychiatrist the following day and his anxiety about the meeting, coupled with the novelty of entertaining his beautiful visitor, leads him to make an unwelcome pass at her…