Dramatised in six episodes by Neville Smith. Pepys’s Diary gives a very personal insight into the life of a young man full of ambition and virility, and of his struggle to establish himself in the Navy, his relationship with his wife and his amours. 1: Clerk of the Acts

Clerk of the Acts 1/6 There’s promotion in the offing as the new regime takes over.

The Wooden World 2/6 Samuel Pepys has a new house and is enjoying his newfound wealth.

The Shame of It 3/6 Elizabeth is pregnant, and Pepys has been asked to reason with the Earl of Sandwich.

Living Merrily 4/6 Tom Pepys has died and Samuel has embarked on an affair with Mrs Bagwell.

Omens of Ruin 5/6 Elizabeth’s parents have caught the plague and the navy board is threatened.

Friends 6/6 Life as Clerk of the Acts of the Navy Board is rough for Samuel Pepys after the war.