Juliet Stevenson and Philip Jackson star in Peter Souter’s comedy about love, sex and other foolhardy mistakes made by the modern 50pluser.
Peter Souter is multi-award winning writer. His Radio 4 Afternoon Play, Goldfish Girl, received both a Sony and a Tinniswood award for Best Drama. He also wrote That’s Mine, This is Yours (picked as Play of the Week podcast), Puddle, and Stream River Sea. His ITV comedy series Married, Single, Other was internationally broadcast and received much media praise. He also wrote Deep & Crisp & Even a short film for Sky One starring Timothy Spall and Natascha McElhone. Peter has a number of other film and TV projects in development.
1.Ray and Jane’s marriage is rocked by some very bad singing and late-life crises take hold.
2.Ray and Jane are both starting over with new paramours half their age. Despite the age gap it seems older does not always mean wiser. Apparently it’s not only teenagers that act like love-struck, tongue-tied fools.
3.With new partners on the scene the possibility of progeny suddenly seems more likely. But not everyone is so keen on later-in-life breeding.
4.Hearts are more fragile than previously thought when disaster strikes and old lovers are forced to confront their new younger replacements around a hospital bed.