Episode 1 – Cough-a-long-a-Bronte, great knitting patterns of the French Revolution, and a rat in the studio.

Episode 2 – The European vacuum-cleaner grand-prix, a bungalow in a bottle and a new version of Brief Encounter

Episode 3 – This week Crime Busters search for the missing sugar, a couple splitting up get the fly on the wall treatment and wailing Cassandra predicts the future.

Episode 4 – A musical premiere for clarinet and ironing board. Ann Titchmarsh interrupts her washing day for the Grand National and Lady Chatterley is at it again.

Episode 5 – Maggie and Sue present War and Peace and Robinson Crusoe as you’ve never heard before. There’s also financial advice and even a message from Her Majesty The Queen.

Episode 6 – Peter Rabbit is ‘On the Psychiatrist’s Couch’, there’s a dramatisation of a forgotten work by Charles Dickens, ‘David Chislehurst’ and a song about an eventful wedding from ‘The Insisters’.

Sketches and songs starring Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding plus a whole host of relatives.