Mark Watson attempts to answer the big questions and make sense of life.

Radio 4 series from multi-award winning Mark Watson where he reignites his quest to improve the world.

Previous series have seen Mark and his two deputies eradicate the seven deadly sins, promote virtue throughout the world, and broadcast live to the nation allowing the audience to guide Mark’s attempts to make the world a better place. This latest format will see Mark and two henchmen tackle the bigger, more academic and abstract subjects that affect our everyday life, asking big questions that are crucial to our understanding of ourselves and the crazy world around us.

Themes are examined from every angle, torn apart, laughed at and put back together again to help listeners to understand themselves and the world around them, and to make it a slightly better place using stand-up, poetry, songs and dippy interactions.

Mark was nimbly accompanied by his long-term collaborators Tim Key and Tom Basden in Series 1.

Mark was assisted and impeded in equal measure by henchmen Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale, as he revived his quest to make sense of life against the backdrop of a world that, in recent times, has come to appear even more peculiar than usual.

The tenacious trio take on some of human life’s central topics – family, spirituality, Scandinavia. Watson peddles his unique, high-octane stand-up while Simmons and Adamsdale chip in with interjections which include (but are not limited to) music, shopping lists, life advice, stunts, avant-garde offerings and divvy interactions.