Comedian Rhys James explores different aspects of himself through live stand up, spoken word poetry and interview clips.

In series 1, titled ‘Rhys James Is…’, he examines his privileged status, chats to his mum and dad and reluctantly speaks to a girl he had a crush on in school. Rhys also explores the topic of wisdom in his own unique way, by reading a letter he wrote to his future self at 10 years old.

In series 2 ‘Rhys James Isn’t…’, Rhys attempts to become more politically engaged by one week trying out one set of opinions, the next week, another. He asks questions such as why we are not doing more to save the planet, whether Facebook is actually spying on us and whether gender-neutral toilets are really worth it.

With startling insight such as ‘You don’t need to find out who you are. It’s finding out about who you is’, Rhys presents a brilliant stand-up series about the past, growing up and finding yourself.