Craig Brown’s satirical history of Britain

The 1920s and 30s – King George utters some unmemorable last words. DH Lawrence of Arabia writes Lady Chatterbox’s Llama. And John Yogi Bear discovers the BBC, but finds there’s not much on…

The 1940s – The French Resistance struggle to victory under General de Girl. Hitler gets stuck in a bunker with his Gerbil. And John Humphrys interviews Winston Churchill.

The 1960s – Albert Einstein discovers the Beatles, while for the first time, the nation discovers sex. Plus a look at the era of “Flour Power”; the World Cup is won by a team of men all called Bobby; and the with-it Royal try barbecuing.

The 1980s and 90s – Neil Knock-Knock becomes leader of the Labour Party; Jeffrey Archer reveals he’s won the Nobel Prize; Lloads of London goes pear-shaped; and John Minor stands against himself . . . and loses.