Indecisive Poppy is forced to start making her own decisions. Stars Beatie Edney.

  1. Discarded! – Discarded! Deserted! Poppy can’t see any hope when her boyfriend ditches her.
  2. Furnival’s Fun Funeral – Mary Wesley’s novel in a six-part dramatisation. Stars Beatie Edney.
  3. Aftermath – How will Poppy cope with the aftermath of her father’s funeral?
  4. A Dreadful Mistake? – Will Poppy’s trip to North Africa turn out to be a big mistake? Stars Beatie Edney.
  5. Stranded! – Poppy flees from Edmund – into Willie Guthrie’s arms. Stars Beatie Edney.
  6. Fun At Last? – Will Poppy finally be able to decide where her heart truly lies?