By Sebastian Baczkiewicz

Three plays about the feeding of the five thousand and the personal and political fallout from this extraordinary event. Is it a political act? A rebellion? A festival? Five thousand people are dancing on the hillside. What do they want? How can the state deal with those who seek to threaten it? Is Rome going to react to these events? Who can make sense of the impossible?

Episode One – Bread, Fish and Dancing

In Herod’s palace suspicion is rife, young people have gone missing and Salome is in meltdown following an extraordinary murder.

Episode Two – An Orange with a Worm in It

Five thousand people have danced down the mountain and into Tiberius City. It didn’t appear to be a riot. But there’s tension in Herod’s Palace, good people have been imprisoned and Salome is still missing. And trouble is not far from the door of Centurion Gaius.

Episode Three – A Shining City on the Hill

The arrival of an unexpected visitor is about to surprise everyone in Tiberius City and Dan and Gaius have been sent on a mission to the Sea of Galilee.