Stand-up comedian Tom Wrigglesworth regales his audience with tales of corporate lunacy and ridiculous rip-offs

This series started life as a one-off recording of Tom Wrigglesworth’s Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated stand-up routine about a rude and unhelpful train guard.

After the success of this first show, Tom was commissioned to return to Radio 4 to regale his audience with more tales of corporate lunacy and ridiculous rip-offs.

Through the medium of four open letters, Tom investigates the countless examples of corporate lunacy and maddening “jobsworths” in modern Britain. His subjects range from traffic wardens to estate agents, with Tom recalling his own funny and ridiculous experiences as well as recounting the absurd encounters of others.

It’s a show about being proud and sticking up for what is right.

A second series is on the way. Tom will be looking at some of Britain’s most annoying consumer complaints, like what exactly is a booking fee and why do we need to pay one to go and see a concert? And if we are doing the booking, does that mean we’re technically admin support and can go to the staff Christmas party?