A series of enthralling mysteries by written by Edgar Wallace and dramatised for radio by Neville Teller.

They feature the enigmatic figure of Mr JG Reeder who works for the Public Prosecutor’s office and has the mind of a criminal.

His novel methods bring the criminals of 1920s London to justice.

Episode 1: The Poetical Policeman – Mr Reeder uncovers the peculiar circumstances surrounding a bank robbery, the death of the night-watchman and the part in the plot played by his beautiful daughter.

Episode 2: The Troupe – Mr Reeder’s curiosity is aroused when a transatlantic impresario rents an out-of-season cottage. He can only be up to no good.

Episode 3: The Green Mamba – The emeralds of Suliman are stolen in North Africa and brought to London, but the “mamba” (Mr Reeder) thwarts the thieves’ plans.

Episode 4: The Strange Case – A wealthy government minister is defrauded of a large sum of money and suspects his wastrel nephew. Then he’s murdered and Mr Reeder uncovers the truth.