Series 1
Martin Jarvis stars in Guy Jenkin and Jon Canter’s 1982 advertising satire
1/6 Ken Handley pitches to a motorway services chain. Advertising satire from January 1982.
2/6 Activist turned ad writer Ken Handley finds himself assigned to the Conservative Party.
3/6 Ken faces a dilemma when he wins an award for an ad campaign he hates.
4/6 Cigarettes or no smoking? Ken is in a dilemma over two ad campaigns.
5/6 Ken Handley fancies a winter break, but can he escape the ad agency?
6/6 Angry Ken Handley looks set to quit the ad agency.

Series 2
Martin Jarvis stars in Guy Jenkin and Jon Canter’s advertising satire
1/6 All set for divorce and a new home, ad man Ken Handley gets a surprise at the agency.
2/6 Three Deborahs, one stingy bank and an impending divorce perplex ad man Ken Handley.
3/6 A seven-foot squirrel drives ad man Ken Handley nuts, but can some face cream help?
4/6 Ken is trying to relax, but even on a date with Deborah advertising is on his mind.
5/6 Will Ken and Sandy’s plan to use a lion to advertise Leo cosmetics be a roaring success?
6/6 Ad man Ken Handley faces his own emergency when he is coerced into a Samaritans campaign.

Series 3
Guy Jenkins’ advertising sitcom with Martin Jarvis, Lockwood West and Christopher Godwin
1/6 Ad man Ken Handley snags a leggy model to spy on the work of a rival agency.
2/6 Leg model April’s snoring inspires ad man Ken’s quest to win a nasal spray account.
3/6 An American TV evangelist creates waves, and ad man Ken causes a surprise.
4/6 Freshly wed ad man Ken gets a wedding invite and faces upset at a photo shoot.
5/6 Ken and Sandy both suffer marital problems, but at least they’ve won Pink Len’s ad account
6/6 Ad man Ken struggles with the women in his life, and ex-boss Freddie causes a stir.