The spoof hardboiled thrillers with Wales’s top private investigator dramatised by BBC Radio.

This marvelous collection of Malcolm Pryce’s acclaimed Aberystwyth Noir radio productions are set in an alternative version of Aberystwyth, where the streets are filled with veterans of the Patagonian War (Wales’s answer to Vietnam), the Druids are mob bosses, and the ice cream is…unusual, to say the least.

The first play, Aberystwyth Mon Amour, sees Louie Knight, the town’s top private investigator – maybe its only private investigator – in search of the schoolboys who have been vanishing with increasing frequency. To do it, he’ll need all his wits about him – and the guts to stake out a Punch and Judy show, no matter the consequences…

In Last Tango in Aberystwyth, Louise Knight and sidekick Calamity Jane are drawn into the seedy world of the town’s ‘What the Butler Saw’ film industry, complete with dead ventriloquists and Druid assassins. But when Louie receives a call from his long lost love and gets news of an old enemy, what will he risk in the name of revenge?

In the final play, Aberystwyth Noir – It Ain’t Over Till the Bearded Lady Sings, Louie and Jane look into the death of Mr Big Top, another gunned-down victim of the Druids. It feels like trouble from the start, but that doesn’t mean Louie will stop; in fact, he’s half-way to the End of the Pier show before anyone knows he’s even on the case. Between the balloon twister, the bearded lady, and the Amazing Mr Marmalade, will Louie discover what’s really going on? Or will his nemesis, former games teacher turned lion tamer Herod Jenkins, mean Louie’s end, once and for all?

Featuring Richard Nicholls (News from Nowhere, Burning Both Ends), Sara Lloyd-Gregory (Tourist Trap, Doctors), and Matthew Gravelle (Broadchurch, Silent Witness), these surreal and hilarious noir thrillers will have you questioning everything you know about the beloved Welsh coastal town – and what you’d do to uncover the truth in a topsy-turvy world…

Aberystwyth Mon Amour – The Walking Tour takes about an hour, but the memory will last a lifetime. It takes you from the railway station to the harbour in the company of Louie Knight – Aberystwyth’s only private eye – and a host of favorite characters from the books, including Sospan, Cadwaladr, and even a walk-on part by…God! Learn the secrets of the prom, the cliff railway, the bandstand, the pier, the castle, and other key landmarks of the town. For both lovers of the novels and those who have never heard of the town (if such a thing is possible), the tour is packed with information, background anecdotes, and suggestions….and all beautifully intertwined with wry and bittersweet disquisitions on love, death, and crazy golf taken from the books.