Never one to back down from a challenge…

Legendary British agent Trevor Maxon is laid up in a CIA hospital, recovering from a bullet wound in his abdomen obtained in his latest mission.

It’s a challenging job fraught with danger, but Maxon is bored and keen to be returned to active status.

He finds his post-mission tranquillity shattered when the television programme he is watching is abruptly interrupted by a Nuclear Alert warning.

The shock of threat of a nuclear attack is rapidly replaced by a relief that such an attack is not forthcoming — and is followed by suspicions about how and why the nuclear alert was broadcast in the first place.

Although the alert is rescinded almost immediately, it raises the public’s panic levels.

As part of a security taskforce whose duty is to safeguard the Global Early Warning System, or GLEW, Maxon is swiftly launched on an investigation of how the alert came to be accidentally broadcast to the public in the first place.

As he chases the truth, Maxon finds himself framed for murder and treason, and must be constantly on the run in order to escape falling into the hands of his enemies — and even Maxon isn’t entirely certain just who those enemies are anymore.

His investigation takes him around the world, from Washington to Stockholm, London to Nice, as he struggles against superior officers and other security agents blocking his path to the truth.

Something isn’t right — he knows it, but can’t quite put his finger on what.

The enormity of what he eventually finds puts at risk, not only his future, but also that of the woman he loves…