Mike Walker’s epic chronicle of the Habsburg dynasty which was to rule most of Europe – as well as much of the New World – for 600 years.

Hawk Rising: In 13th century Brugg on the Swiss border, a mysterious stranger arrives at the Castle of the Hawk. He is to be tutor to the son of Duke Rudolf of Habsburg but soon finds himself unwillingly joining the Prussian Crusade. Rudolf is determined to be elected Holy Roman Emperor, and for his son to follow suit, but that needs the support of the Pope and the Pope supports the crusade.

Hawk Hunting: Rudolf of Habsburg has managed to be elected as Holy Roman Emperor but securing a dynasty is much harder. In order for his son Albert to succeed, several enemies must be removed from his path, starting with his former ally King Ottokar of Bohemia. Meanwhile, Ibrahim is teaching philosophy and making his own secret deals.

Hawk Wounded: Albert the One-Eyed of Habsburg has displaced Norbert and become Holy Roman Emperor, but Wenceslas plots revenge. Disappointed by his philosophical son, Albert takes John of Swabia into his inner circle and Ibrahim settles an old score.

Wallenstein: The epic saga of the Habsburg Dynasty continues. It’s 1618. Wallenstein is a brilliant soldier and wants a career in the army of the Holy Roman Empire. But he is a Protestant, and he just can’t hold his tongue. Katherina, a widow, takes him under her wing, and with her guidance he achieves great fame and fortune. But a war wolf is hard to control. Can Katherina rein him in?