Paul Mendelson’s comedy about a couple who have separated. Stars Rebecca Lacey.

Series 1
1 Molly and Doug separate, but he is only a few streets away. Can they make a clean break?
2 Doug and Molly try to show the world they can start afresh, but then his mum disappears.
3 Doug has a surprise for Dawn and Ray, and an even bigger one for Molly’s new lodger.
4 Doug’s mum is 70, but Molly thinks he’ll never manage the party and present without her.

Series 2
1 Divorcing from Molly, Doug’s furious to hear about her party – but is all as it seems?
2 Molly’s worried over the impact of ex-hubby Doug’s single life on Dawn and Raymond.
3 Doug and Molly try to bury their differences to help son Ryan.
4 Molly doesn’t care who her ex-husband Doug dates – but she still wants all the details.
5 Doug makes progress dating his daughter’s PE teacher – so why isn’t he over the moon?
6 Divorced Doug and Molly date in secret, but they can’t ignore their split.

Series 3
1 Divorced Doug and Molly try to revive their relationship with a ‘first date’.
2 Divorced Doug and Molly find themselves trying again.
3 Divorced Doug and Molly come to blows over his mum Annie, who seems to be going senile.
4 Can Doug rely on his ex-wife Molly for help during his mum’s convalescence?
5 Doug tries to help his mum’s recovery by hiring a private nurse. Molly is unimpressed.
6 Molly’s surprise pregnancy causes Doug to do something neither of them ever expected.