BBC radio comedy from 2014

The Comedians Theatre Company and Radio Drama combine forces to bring you four black comedies about making the best of a bad situation.

The episodes were written by Dave Florez, Alan Francis, Richard Turner, Stephen Keyworth and Matthew Osborn.

Shock Jock

DJ Asif has dragged Barry out of his room to act as on air ‘posse’ in his Lake Vista Care Home radio show.

But can Barry and Asif hold it together in the cupboard next to the vending machine, and make the kind of radio magic which will propel Asif all the way to a photocopying placement with Chris Evans?

Eking It

After losing his job in urban planning, Matt’s been eking out the last of his money.

Luckily for him, his ex-partner has a stable job and is still fond of him. Possibly.

The Last Minutes

Daisy Haggard stars as Debra, a Crisis Branding Consultant brought in during a major boardroom crisis, with only minutes to manage how the truth comes out.

And what that truth is, exactly…

Ceredigion or Bust

Anouska and Michael crave the simple life, and are willing to pay for it. So Barry and Gwen do their best to oblige. And so do the Druids.