A spy thriller in six parts by Wally K Daly.

Friday – The parents of Mike, Pete and Janey Jago disappear overnight – and there are mysterious marks in the garden…

Saturday AM – The parents of Mike, Janey and Peter have disappeared. What’s in their father’s briefcase? And who or what is ‘The Hyena’?

Saturday PM – After the mysterious disappearance of their parents, Mike, Pete and Janey Jago have visitors… But do Uncle Brian and Auntie Vi really have their best interests at heart?

Saturday Midnight To Dawn – Suspicious of Uncle Brian and Auntie Vi, Janey thinks she knows what’s really been happening. Can the children escape more danger?

Sunday AM – More danger awaits the Jago children as they head to a mysterious war-torn land…

Sunday PM – Under fire, Mike, Janey and Peter end up in the midst of war, pursued by a deadly enemy. Conclusion of Wally K Daly’s spy thriller.