Four character-based comedies written by Lancastrian playwright, Don Haworth. First broadcast in 2001

Emma Harper: Tussles in a Theme Village – Ex-headmistress Emma Harper writes a column for a village newspaper. But when she’s poached by the local radio station, her gossip programme causes controversy, anger and revengeā€¦

Bill Bosun: Speedily to School – Passengers love country school bus driver Bill Bosun, despite his speed making journeys both a hazard and an adventure. But his weakness is an unwillingness to see anyone in a jam. Against instruction, he waits for late pupils and gives lifts to all kinds of folk and their dogs, ducks and hens. The children adore him, but the school governors and local councillors have a different view. Bill’s future is in their hands.

Stan Rooker: Night Receptionist – Late one Saturday night, good Samaritan, Wilfred Parkin brings a man with a strange problem to the hospital reception. But Stan Rooker seems strangely reluctant to call the doctor.

Jack Acorn: Disputed Inheritance – When Fred Melthorpe inherits an estate from his estranged father, he also inherits Jack Acorn, the general factotum. But Jack’s not all he seems so unpleasant discoveries are set to be made.