A trio of ‘posties’ are embroiled in a series of escapades. Surreal comedy written by and starring Ben Miller, With John Thomson and Felicity Montagu.

Everyone goes on and on about how boring professional cycling is compared to the 1980s. So if Brian, Derek and Sue have to leave the Post Office to look after itself for a bit, and do something about it then it’s really ungrateful to start complaining.

Anyway, sorting mail is much harder than it looks, so they probably need a break. And it’ll be loads better than some of the rubbish on telly these days.

The surreal escapades of a trio of ‘posties’ written by and starring Ben Miller. With John Thompson and Felicity Montagu.

  1. Tour de France – Surreal comedy in which a trio of ‘posties’ get embroiled in escapades.
  2. C’est la Legion – The posties organise a party, but end up in North Africa with a Hollywood star.
  3. It’s a Dog’s Life – The eager trio whizz up to Jupiter and perform a musical.
  4. Everest (The Mountain) – Fearing the sack, Derek goes mountaineering to prove he’s employable.
  5. The Elfin Bangle – Strange mystic runes spark a fantastic journey for the eager trio. Stars Ben Miller.
  6. Top of the Pops – The eager threesome attempt a Christmas number one.


Brian …… Ben Miller
Derek …… John Thomson
Sue …… Felicity Montagu
Mr Tilbury …… Jim Barclay
Captain …… Alastair McGowan
Melinda …… Joanna Brooks
Jack Finlay …… David Mellor