Strange things happen when you shake your hard-boiled egg in a packet of crushed up Monster Munch. A hilarious, unorthodox love story set on the night shift at a petrol station.

Alex is desperate to find someone to share his life with, but too scared to do anything about it. A film-obsessive, he works the night shift at an isolated petrol station on the outskirts of a two-bit town. Awkward, and with no real friends to speak of, he confides in his only ‘colleague’ – a smiley-faced vacuum cleaner named Keith, whose voice only Alex can hear.

Ella is a cycling-mad woman of action, prepared for anything and curious about everything. One stormy night, by chance, their lives intersect. These two lonely souls are made for each other, even if they don’t know it. This is their story.

1 – Frankenstein – Tonight, Keith (a raconteur of relationships with a variety of household appliances) suggests that they build a customer out of the recycling for Alex to practice his conversation skills on. A storm is raging outside. Strange electrical pulses keep blowing the station’s fuse-box. What could possibly go wrong?

2 – The Western – Tonight, there is tumbleweed, there are cicadas singing in the night-heat, there is gambling with custard creams. A lone drifter wanders onto the forecourt and the stakes are about to get very high indeed.

3 – Zombies – Tonight a mysterious crimson cloud pours red rain over the town, turning those caught in the storm into smooching – crazed zombies. Ella, returning home from Plumbing Enthusiasts Club, seeks shelter at the petrol station. Alex and Ella – along with a sandwich-loving truck driver named Jonny Tenaka – subsequently find themselves trapped in the petrol station shop, defending themselves against the zombie horde. Will they too become ‘infected’?

4 – Sci-Fi – Tonight, Alex finds a toy ray-gun in an industrial bin and accidentally blasts himself in the face, spawning his evil twin. This sets off a chain of events that will see Alex, Ella and a recycling collector named Denise attempt to stop Evil Alex and Ella turning the whole town bad.

5 – The Action – Tonight, Alex, Ella and Keith must overcome an evil plot to take over the petrol station, and this time the ‘How to’ tapes might just come in handy. But which one of them is Jean-Claude Van Damme? And will Mr Ricky save his cat?