The bell rings in Boo and Ray’s local, and they have fifteen minutes to drink up. A series of four comic plays written by and starring John Kearns and Tim Key.

1 – Coat – Boo wants to leave, Ray wants him to take his big coat off. The wrong person’s on the piano and Ray’s furious. Derek – an absolute hog of a landlord – is giving them the hurry up. Terrible conditions for Ray to open up his love life.

2 – Hot Magnums – Ray’s fuming. Boo’s brought his “big shop” along to the pub and his fish fingers are thawing. He challenges Boo to put a log on the fire. Derek – an old goose of a landlord – isn’t happy with any of it.

3 – Clancy – Disaster. The lads have missed last orders. Boo has big news, but Ray has no pint to listen to it with! Salvation comes in the shape of Clancy, Boo’s adult niece, who’s got in before the bell. Can she be their mule?

4 – The Unknown Pint – Ray’s taken to going for walks around the pub and Boo doesn’t like it. On one of his constitutionals, Ray finds an abandoned pint and is beguiled by it. Can he claim it? Derek – an old snake of a landlord – watches on with interest.