Donald Pleasence is Chaff: stylite and chronicler who plunges headlong into the horrors and absurdities of the forthcoming millennium.

The Golfing Chaffinch – Chaff Chaffinch was born at 23.55 on December 31st 1999 and his 100th birthday is approaching. A stylite and chronicler of his family’s history – Chaff plunges headlong into the horrors and absurdities of the 21st century. With the sexes segregated, cloning is the favoured means of reproduction But then golf is made illegal. So what is a golfer to do?
The Exploding Mrs Chaffinch – The Noise Abatement Society has grabbed power in Europe. The Italians – incapable of being quiet – have had noise inhibitors fitted, with terrifying results.
Seve’s Spiritual Exercises – This time he’s recalling his nephew Seve’s attempt to clone his way to spiritual perfection…
Venusian Sex Survey – This time he’s recalling how humanity was imperilled by the landing of Venusian octopus frogs.
The Sleepless Chaffinch – This time he’s recalling a nephew who underwent a sleep vaporising operation.
Hans Feet and Bumpsadaisy – At last, Chaff is obliged to descend from desert column, to save the world from despotism and death by clonic sameness.

Starring Donald Pleasence.

Six-part comedy written by Steve Walker