Multi-award-winning storyteller Sarah Kendall brings her critically acclaimed, funny and moving live shows to audio.

In the first trilogy of shows, each takes us on a trip, giving us a unique snapshot of small-town life in Australia in the late ’80s and early ’90s. At a time when most people were seeing Australians through the filter of Home and Away and Neighbours, Sarah presents a darker underbelly to the stereotype of the sun-loving, happy-go-lucky Aussie teenager.

The second trilogy jumps backwards and forwards in time and place, offering a single show in three parts. Sarah presents a collection of seemingly unrelated short stories and memories, which together combine to form a narrative that grapples with the interconnectedness of life and the nature of luck.

These cinematic stories blend comedy and tragedy in equal measure; Sarah always keeps the big laughs coming without ever diminishing the drama. Her tales blend intricate narratives with a cast of memorable characters, bringing events to life in front of your very ears.

The first episode – ‘A Day in October’ – won Best Scripted Comedy (Longform) at the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2018 and the 2018 Writers’ Guild Award for Best Radio Comedy and was the Silver ARIA winner for Best Storytelling.