As UK punk turns 30, Adrian Edmondson stars as an ageing punk rocker and divorcee who moves in with his kids, much to their annoyance. The sitcom co-stars Ben Elton as the best mate who has opted for suburban comforts, and features a soundtrack of punk-era oldies. It’s written by Edmondson and Nigel Smith (the writer behind Radio 4’s hit series Vent).

Teenage Kicks tells the story of Vernon (Adrian Edmondson), an ageing punk rocker who moves into his teenage kids’ student flat after a spectacularly nasty divorce. He is genuinely excited about having the chance to be young again but his kids, Max and Milly, and their flatmate David, are mortified.

Ben Elton plays the part of Bryan, Vernon’s best mate and a former member of his punk band, The Plague. These days, Bryan is the deputy head of a smart primary school and has a nice house, a nice car, a nice life and a good marriage – all of which, in Vernon’s eyes, makes him a sad loser. Deep down, part of Bryan agrees.

On the 30th anniversary of punk, Teenage Kicks features some great music from the late 70s – music by which Vernon still tries to live his life. Scenes are linked by songs by bands such as The Ramones, The Stranglers and The Sex Pistols, which tie in with the theme of the episode – or, more likely, are completely at odds with it.

Sitcom by Ben Elton and Ade Edmondson about an aging punk rocker forced to move in with his teenage son after a messy divorce
E1 – Vernon, an ageing punk rocker, moves into his teenage kids’ student flat.
E2 – The story of Vernon, an ageing punk rocker who moves into his teenage kids’ flat.
E3 – The kids want Vernon to move out and he fails a medical.
E4 – Vernon realises there is only one way to mend his bruised heart.
E5 – Vernon sets out to prove that music sounds much better on vinyl.
E6 – Vernon decides to go back to college – to the same college as his kids.