Lenny Henry’s Rogue’s Gallery is a series of comic monologues with twists-in-the-tale, written and performed by Lenny.

S01E01 – I Never Forget A Face – Comic monologues with a twist-in-the-tale, written & performed by Lenny Henry.
S01E02 – The Birthing Project – Monica Dolan stars in this tale about a scientist who discovers a miraculous serum.
S01E03 – Man’s Red Flower – Lenny Henry stars as a young GI serving in Cornwall during World War II
S01E04 – Moone Sisters – Lenny Henry stars in this tale about an alien who had an unfortunate experience on Earth.
S01ESP – S01ESP – S01ESP – Christmas Special – Kobbolovski’s Little Helper

S02E01 – Left Hand of God – Lenny Henry writes and stars as a family butcher whose son is a musical prodigy.
S02E02 – D.A.N.T.E. – Tanya Moodie plays a frustrated artist given a robot butler in this darkly comic tale.
S02E03 – Lemar’s Clean Sheet – Another macabre tale from Lenny Henry in which a mechanic naively joins the Klu Klux Klan.
S02E04 – Murder Men – Phil Hedley is a ‘tough guy’ actor who takes a job presenting documentaries on gangs.

Genre: Comedy Drama
Broadcast: 2016 – 2017
Channel: BBC Radio 4
Episodes: 9 (2 series)
Star: Lenny Henry
Writer: Lenny Henry
Producer: Sam Michell