Dan Deadman is having one of those days.

After saving the grim and gritty alien city of Down Here from something big, mean, and mind-bendingly horrible, Dan is looking forward to unwinding in the closest available bar. Annoyingly, the universe has other ideas. 

Instead, Dan finds himself investigating a cheating husband, two horrible murders, and the potential enslavement of everyone in the galaxy. With his caseload stretching his woefully limited detective skills, his car in pieces, and the whole “being dead” thing not doing him any favors, Dan has no choice but to ask his friends for help. 

And that’s when his problems really start. 

Featuring motivational gangsters, predatory worms, and a whole classroom full of defecating infants, Dead Inside is the second book in the Dan Deadman Space Detective series, and the follow-up to the best-selling Dial D for Deadman.