BBC Adaptations of the author’s epic tales of the English Establishment.
Time of Hope 1/10 Eager Lewis Eliot starts his rise to power from 1920s Leicester.
The Conscience of the Rich 2/10 Lewis Eliot gets caught up in a political scandal engulfing the family of his best friend.
The Masters, Part 1 3/10 Lewis Eliot is teaching in Cambridge, when an election is called for a new Master.
The Masters, Part 2 4/10 The Nazi threat affects even quiet college life in Cambridge. Lewis suffers a tragedy.
The Light and the Dark 5/10 As war erupts, Lewis Eliot heads to Whitehall where his love life takes an unexpected turn
The New Men 6/10 Lewis Eliot ends up overseeing a secret wartime project with implications for the world.
Homecomings 7/10 As the Cold War intensifies, a spy is at large within Britain’s nuclear research programme
The Affair 8/10 Back in Cambridge, a scandal threatens the reputation of Lewis Eliot’s old college.
The Corridors of Power 9/10 Post-war politics throws up surprises for Lewis Eliot, as a rising star enlists his help.
Corridors of Power – The Choice 10/10 Roger Quaife’s political destiny hangs on a Commons debate. What future for Lewis Eliot?