Elmore Leonard’s enthralling criminal odyssey is set against the dusty, sun-kissed backdrop of Oklahoma and Kansas during America’s Great Depression.

Carl Webster is a rising star in the US Marshals Service, one of the elite man-hunters currently chasing the likes of Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, and Pretty Boy Floyd across America’s Depression-ravaged heartland.

Meanwhile, Jack Belmont, the wayward son of an oil millionaire, wants to be public enemy number one. The lives of the cop and robber criss-cross repeatedly before finally confronting in an inevitable show down.

  1. True American Lawman – A rising US Marshal and a wayward oil tycoon’s son criss-cross before their 1930s cop and robber showdown. Stars Luke Norris.
  2. Shoot-out at Bald Mountain – Louly Brown’s letters to a prisoner led her to run away with a bank robber before meeting a US marshal. Stars Samantha Dakin.
  3. Teddy’s on 18th and Central – Fed up waiting for a deputy marshal to take her dancing, Louly makes a fresh start, with a new job and name. Stars Luke Norris.
  4. Public Enemy Number 1 – A chance encounter in prison enables Jack Belmont to plan to put an end to his nemesis once and for all. Starring Adam Gillen.

Dramatised in four parts by Katie Hims.