Blue Jam (later to be adapted on Channel 4 simply as Jam), is a sketch series created, starring and directed by satirist Chris Morris, which twice won the Sony Award.
The series featured a selection of twisted comedy sketches performed by Mark Heap, Julia Davis, Kevin Eldon, Amelia Bullmore and David Cann. Sketches range from a doctor (Cann) who has some disturbing ways of treating his patients; to the awkward Mr. Ventham (Heap) who seeks one-to-one consultations on the most banal matters; and a couple who seem to have what is described as “Monged Sex”.
Morris also performs in show, giving a series of 10-minute monologues from the view of a lonely man. He also conducts confusing interviews with unwitting celebrities, as well as parodying other BBC Radio 1 presenters.
S1 E6 is only 15 min long because the broadcast was cut short while it was still ongoing. The last sketch in the episode, featuring an edited version of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech at Diana’s funeral, was seen as too insensitive, given that Diana had died only a few months before the broadcast. Apparently, a number of listeners complained, and so the broadcast was cut short by BBC Radio 1. That said, Morris himself could have cut the broadcast short as a stunt.