A vintage anthology series of BBC Radio plays from a concept originated by Philip Levene. Dramas which tell the stories when reading between the lines of newspaper personal ads.

A Honeypot with Bees On – An unusual request for a birthday present causes Derek to question his love for Adrienne.

Evening Out – Trevor calls on his acting skills when Miss Pike hires him to escort her to a works outing.

No Square Deal – John and Helen get more than they bargained for when they try to sell some old jewellery.

Findings Keepings – A rookie blackmailer is taught the ropes, but learns the pitfalls of the business.

Third Girl Wanted – When Jemma suddenly packs her bags and leaves, her flatmates have to work out why.

Home And Away – Elderly Albert and Fred cement a new friendship at the local library via personal ads.

Off To A Good Start – Carol and Dennis’s honeymoon period is soon over. Is the wedding dress to blame?

This Column Every Friday – A dodgy insurance broker takes drastic measures to try to avoid being exposed.

Time For A Coat – Victoria’s desire for a new coat calls for all manner of sacrifices.

What Am I Bid? – Tony is intrigued by a personal advert which reads: ‘Wife available – what offers? Box 523’