Philip Tremayne’s friends consider him a success.

He’s written novels, produced TV programmes and made a name for himself.

But he’s dogged by a sense of failure and by the recollection of a friendship that started at prep school in the 1930s, when he first met a brilliant yet vulnerable man named Anthony. It was a friendship that was to go tragically wrong.

It was not just the sunshine and cheap wine that brought Philip Tremayne to Greece in the early 1960s. He needed somewhere to write and he wanted to distance himself from past events. Jennifer brings back those memories and her arrival marks an end to Philip’s isolation and, in a way, his happiness.

After 15 years, Philip and Jennifer have settled into marriage in the same way that he has settled into his job as a TV producer. Drink, he finds, helps considerably. So does Harriet. But in the end both Harriet and the whisky let him down. Only then, with props to help him, can Philip see the pattern that stands out so clearly in his life.

The ups and downs in the life story of Philip Tremayne.

Starring Ronald Pickup.

Told across three plays by Andrew Rissik.